Space Operations Lunch & Learn: Innovation through Cross-Industry Collaboration – Postponed

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Houston Section Lunch & Learn organized by the Section’s Space Operations Technical Committee (Chair: BeBe Kelly-Serrato) has been postponed.

Subject: Innovation through Cross-Industry Collaboration
Guest speaker: Bob Prochnow, Executive Director for the Technology Collaboration Center of Houston

Please stay tuned for updates about the new date and location.

AIAA Houston Innovation Workshop


AIAA Houston Section Workshop on Multiple Aspects of Innovation at NASA JSC will be held at the Gilruth Center.

Background and Objective

The concept of innovation has been a vital component of human progress throughout the history of the species. However, in the recent years, the pace of innovation has increased at a rate that would have been unimaginable only a few decades earlier. Researchers around the world are studying this phenomenon, in an attempt to come up with creative new solutions pertaining a wide array of human activities. Countless economies have flourished because companies and governments have implemented innovative technologies, methods, techniques, protocols, processes, and ideas to develop and improve their products and services. JSC and its support community of contractors and universities strongly support and encourage innovation in numerous different areas, both inside and outside of the field of spaceflight. This workshop will facilitate dialogue among various JSC entities regarding recent accomplishments, their potential implications, and plans for the future of innovation at and around JSC.

Workshop Theme: Yesterday and Tomorrow

Why should I attend?

You will gain knowledge about innovation which will propel you to a great future. You will gain motivation to be innovative. You will get a Certificate of Completion and we will inform your Supervisor if you want.

Also, take a look at the importance of innovation (MS Word) and “Importance of Innovations in Human Ecosystem” (MS Word).


Time Event/Topic Speaker
8:00 AM Registration & Coffee
8:30 AM Welcome Laura Sarmiento, AIAA Houston Section Councilor
8:40 AM Open Innovation – Results, New Capabilities, Strategic Framework (PDF) Dr. Jeffrey (Jeff) Davis, JSC HHP Director (MS Word)
9:25 AM Challenges of Human Missions to Mars (PDF) Astronaut Dr. Stan Love (PDF)
JSC Center Creative Spaces (PDF) Joel Walker/JSC Center Operations Director (MS Word)
10:45 AM Multiple Aspects of Innovation at JSC (PDF) Dr. Kumar Krishen/JSC
Power of Open Innovation (PDF) Steve Rader/JSC
NASA Pioneering Space InnoCentive Challenge Results (PDF) Larry Toups/JSC
Using Collaboration Partnerships for Innovation (PDF) Bob Prochnow/TCC of Houston
12:30 PM LUNCH
1:00 PM JSC: Innovation Design Center (PDF) James Brown/JSC
Boeing: Innovation – Boeing’s Key to Enabling Engineering for the Future (PDF) Jeffrey Osterlund
Lockheed: Innovation Progress and Future Outlook (PDF) Dr. Kritina L. Holden
Jacobs: Innovation Progress and Future Outlook (PDF) David Whitlock
3:25 PM PAE: Innovation Progress and Future Outlook (PDF) James W. Hughes
Wyle: Innovation Progress and Future Outlook (PDF) Kiley Wren
4:30 PM Closing Laura Sarmiento

Organizing and Executing Committee

General Chair: Mr. Alan Sisson
Program Chair: Dr. Kumar Krishen
Executive Chair: Ms. Laura Sarmiento
Financial Chair: Mr. Fred Ouellette

Who should I contact for more information?

Dr. Kumar Krishen
Ms. Laura Sarmiento