November/December Horizons Newsletter

The November/December 2012 72-page issue of Horizons is now available in both high and low resolutions. This issue includes: cover story: The UP Experience 2012 in Houston that featured legendary aerospace vehicle designer Burt Rutan, who gave us an exclusive interview, “Interstellar First Stop? Detection of an Earth-Sized Exoplanet at Alpha Centauri B” by Wes Kelly, Triton Systems LLC, “A 2012 TC4 Gravity Assist from Earth” and “A Newly Discovered Highly Accessible NEO” by Daniel R. Adamo, Astrodynamics Consultant, “Asteroid 2012 DA14’s February 2013 Fly-By” by Dr. Patrick Rodi, “Creating an Economically Robust Space Policy” by Dr. Martin Elvis of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, “Man Will Conquer Space Soon!”, continuing our reprints of these Collier’s space articles (1952 – 1954), a lunch-and-learn summary article, “Voyages: Sustainable Human Space Exploration: A Review” with guest speaker Dr. Kumar Krishen, NASA/JSC and “Hubble Meets Skylab” by Scott Lowther, Aerospace Projects Review (APR Corner).