Lunch and Learn: How Flight Operations Prepared for the BAA NextSTEP Habitat Modules Ground Tests

Houston section invites you to attend FREE Lunch and Learn event.

How Flight Operations prepared for the BAA NextSTEP habitat modules ground tests?


NASA has embarked on a new mission to explore the Earth/Moon system, and to prepare humans for deep space exploration. The Gateway will be a spaceport capable of supporting crewed and uncrewed operations in lunar vicinity. To develop credible requirements for this mission, and to prepare for mission operations, NASA developed prototype habitat systems as part of the Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships (NextSTEP), and for the past ~2years, the NextSTEP Ground Test team executed a set of habitat tests within the integrated Power, Avionics, and Software (iPAS) environment at the Johnson Space Center. This presentation will summarize the goals, test methodology, and ground test activities performed by NASA during the first iPAS tests, with focus on the support provided by the flight operations planning team.

The presentation will start at 11:30am and conclude at 12:30pm. The room is available for networking after the presentation.

This event is free. Jimmy John’s sandwiches for first 20 people will be served.


Jackelynne works at NASA JSC in the ISS and Exploration Mission Planning Operations within the Flight Operations Directorate (FOD). She was leading the FOD Planning side of the NextSTEP ground tests in preparation of the current BAA habitat tests. Jackelynne’s bio can be found at


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