Space Shuttle Endeavor Public Viewing

After evaluating the weather, managers have decided to clear Space Shuttle Endeavour for a Houston stopover on Wednesday, Sept. 19, with departure for California on Thursday, Sept. 20. Stay tuned to this website for updates regarding Endeavour’s stop in Houston:

Endeavour will be available for public viewing Sept. 19 until 9 p.m. Endeavour will depart Ellington at sunrise Sept. 20 to continue on its way to Los Angeles for permanent display.

Today, the SCA/Endeavour combo is planned to fly approximately 1,500 feet above various areas of Houston, Clear Lake and Galveston – including JSC — between about 9 and 10:30 a.m. as it arrives in Houston from the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Endeavour’s Landing at Ellington is set for about 10:45 a.m. The specific route and timing of Endeavour’s flight will depend on weather and operational constraints.

NASA also will provide updates on Endeavour’s cross-country flight via social media using the hashtags #SpotTheShuttle and #OV105. You can follow who sees Endeavour, and post your sighting, in real time at:!/search/%23spottheshuttle

Although it is better to see in person, portions of Endeavour’s flyover of JSC and the landing at Ellington will be broadcast live and can be viewed via several methods:

– Tune in to JSC TV channels 2 (analog) and 51-2 (digital)
– Watch JSC IPTV at on channel 402 (standard definition) and 4512 (HD) – best viewed using Internet Explorer
– Watch on UStream at:

After landing at Ellington, Endeavour will come to a stop near the NASA Hangar 990 pedestrian gate. The public will be able to view the aircraft and Endeavour from as close as 100 feet away starting about 30 minutes after it is parked. Public viewing will continue until 9 p.m. Wednesday. Endeavour’s departure from Ellington is planned for about sunrise on Thursday, Sept. 20.

JSC civil service employees are encouraged to participate in this NASA-sponsored activity as recognition for your many contributions to the Space Shuttle Program and incentive for safely and successfully furthering NASA’s mission. Participation during your normal duty hours is considered work time recordable to your normal charge codes. This includes transit time between Ellington and your regular work site using a reasonably direct route. You must coordinate with your supervisor to discuss which day and hours are acceptable for participation, while ensuring that work deadlines and organizational objectives remain supported without resulting in overtime, premium pay, comp or credit time. JSC contractors are asked to check with their own company’s policy. Employees and the general public may park at Ellington Field to witness the landing, view the shuttle or watch the takeoff (approximately 7 a.m. on Sept. 20). Please note: Hangar 990 itself will NOT be open to employees or the public during the viewing days.

Point of contact: JSC External Relations, Office of Communications and Public Affairs, x35111

National Aerospace Week

National Aerospace Week 2012 is September 16 through 22.

National Aerospace Week was established by the Aerospace Industries Association in 2010 as an opportunity for the aerospace and defense industry and its supporters to recognize the enormous contribution that the industry makes to America’s national security, economy and competitiveness.  Since its inception, National Aerospace Week has been a rallying call for companies and their employees, communities, aligned organizations, government and other groups to demonstrate their support for the industry by sponsoring numerous events nationally and locallyduring the week.

A list of events can be found at the National Aerospace Week 2012 website.   A toolkit is also available to anyone interested in commemorating National Aerospace Week.

Spread the word!  If you are participating in National Aerospace Week as a business, individual or organization we encourage you to spread the word to let your family, friends, employees, co-workers and supporters know what you are doing to participate this year.

  • Stay involved in the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag: #NAW2012
  • Tweet at the Aerospace Industries Association via @AIAspeaks
  • A high resolution flyer advertising the tweet up is available for download and distribution here.
  • The Aerospace Industries Association is making their videos available for you to use during your events and may be accessed via YouTube.
Be part of National Aerospace Week!

The UP Experience

The UP Experience

Legendary aerospace vehicle designer Burt Rutan is one of the presenters at The UP Experience in the Houston area at the Stafford Performing Arts Centre (just 15 minutes from the Galleria area in Houston) on Thursday, October 25, 2012. Mr. Rutan’s presentation will be, “Inspiration for Innovation and the Race for Space.” Below is a description of this annual Houston event, The UP Experience, from the web site (

The UP Experience – Unique Perspectives from Unique People – is an engaging and intellectually stimulating event that brings together 16 of the world’s most extraordinary thought leaders, creators, and innovators for one exceptional day. These are the people behind the technologies, the trends, the ideas, and the global movements that shape our existence. The only event of its kind in Houston, UP is a learning opportunity, a creative conference, a think tank, and an entertainment event all in one. During 20-minute onstage presentations, each of our 16 guests discusses his or her work, passion, and ideas for the future; offstage, attendees experience up close and personal Q&A sessions. Designed for both personal and professional application, UP is an infusion of exceptional people, exceptional thinking and exceptional advances.

One day a year, in Houston, Texas, we now have a way to learn “What’s UP”.

A few more presenters are noted below:

Donald R. Sadoway, an MIT Professor, “The Liquid Metal Battery- The Missing Link to Renewable Energy.”

Wade Adams, a Rice University Professor, “Nanotechnology and the Future of Energy.”

Koen Olthuis, founder of a Dutch architectural firm, “A Sustainable Future on the Waterfront.”

Boaz Almog from the superconductivity group at Tel-Aviv University, “Quantum Levitation” or “Quantum Locking.”

Registration is $1,000, $1,500 for a registration with a VIP package, or $4,000 for five people with a Corporate Package.

Any additional information about the event will be posted on the event page.