Lunch and Learn: Innovative Approaches to Technology Transfer and Commercialization at NASA Johnson Space Center

Presented by Dr. Kumar Krishen, NASA/JSC

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One of the key strategic implementation goals at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) is to expand relevance of its missions to life on Earth. In view of this, JSC will vigorously pursue mutually beneficial partnerships to maximize economic and societal impact. The primary responsibility of transfer and commercialization of technology and intellectual property (IP) is in support of this goal and is carried out at JSC by the Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office (TTCO) under the newly-formed Strategic Opportunities & Partnership Development Office (SOPDO). As JSC develops a new and diverse portfolio of projects, customers and stakeholders, the Center is positioned to collaborate and pursue new opportunities that enable our exploration goals and contribute to the advancement of science and technology for societal and economic benefit. This paper will document the goals and metrics of new and modified approaches for achieving substantial success. The elements of the new program include the following: New training topics for TTCO personnel; training and early contact with innovators, engineers, scientists, and management; early involvement of TTCO in Center-funded technology and research projects; involvement of Houston Technology Center, JSC Innovation Development Center, BayTech Technology Consortium, and other organizations in implementing faster and better processes; enhanced communication between various stakeholders; efficient and timely review methods; and timely recognition programs including Success Stories, Center publicity, awards and other means. The metrics for the effectiveness of new approaches that will be discussed in this paper will include: software usage agreements, licenses, IP portfolio movement, Spinoff stories, Tech Brief magazine articles, new technology reports, patents and patent applications, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) projects.