2013 100YSS Public Symposium

Building on the momentum of our first public symposium, 100 Year Starship (100YSS) is beginning to create pathways for research and innovation. Our 2013 theme, Pathway to the Stars, Footprints on Earth outlines our mission of enhancing life here on earth as we reach for the stars. The Public Symposium is an opportunity to bring the general public together with technical researchers to understand and outline the challenges of interstellar space flight. 100YSS is working to create new avenues to foster the innovative, robust collaborative, transdisciplinary research, project design and technological development needed to reach the stars in 100 years.

Symposium Highlights

Key Speakers

  • Bernie Faranoff, PhD Project Director of the South African Square Kilometer Array Telescope Project
  • Jill Tarter, PhD Bernard Oliver Chair for Research at the SETI Institute
  • Casey Hudson VP Bioware/EA, Project Director Star Wars: Old Republic and Mass Effect Trilogy gaming franchises
  • Hakeem Oluseyi, PhD Astrophysicist

More speakers are name everyday.

Technical Papers

  • Time and Distance Solutions
  • Life: In Vivo and In Vitro
  • Destinations: Hidden Objectives
  • Design: Space
  • Interstellar Inspiration
  • Commercial Preparation
  • Becoming an Interstellar Civilization

See highlighted papers

Tell the Story: Sci-Fi Author Showcase

See Mary Doria Russell, author of acclaimed The Sparrow, which is a moral perspective on space travel and colonization. Other authors will showcase different voices in modern science fiction. This event will be followed by a movie night.

Accelerating Creativity

Closing gala. Come and enjoy the experience of creativity in the interstellar challenge experience.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • On-site Symposium support on Friday, Saturday, and or Sunday.
  • Attend symposium activities during volunteer day
  • Discount on day-pass for other days
  • Volunteer 100YSS T-shirt

Please let Ellen Gillespie and Michael Frostad know if you are interested in volunteering. Furthermore, if you would like to attend the symposium let us know and we’ll give you the AIAA special discount code.

For more information, see the PDF flyer or visit the website.