National Aerospace Week

National Aerospace Week 2012 is September 16 through 22.

National Aerospace Week was established by the Aerospace Industries Association in 2010 as an opportunity for the aerospace and defense industry and its supporters to recognize the enormous contribution that the industry makes to America’s national security, economy and competitiveness.  Since its inception, National Aerospace Week has been a rallying call for companies and their employees, communities, aligned organizations, government and other groups to demonstrate their support for the industry by sponsoring numerous events nationally and locallyduring the week.

A list of events can be found at the National Aerospace Week 2012 website.   A toolkit is also available to anyone interested in commemorating National Aerospace Week.

Spread the word!  If you are participating in National Aerospace Week as a business, individual or organization we encourage you to spread the word to let your family, friends, employees, co-workers and supporters know what you are doing to participate this year.

  • Stay involved in the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag: #NAW2012
  • Tweet at the Aerospace Industries Association via @AIAspeaks
  • A high resolution flyer advertising the tweet up is available for download and distribution here.
  • The Aerospace Industries Association is making their videos available for you to use during your events and may be accessed via YouTube.
Be part of National Aerospace Week!