“A Tale of Two Translunar Aborts” AIAA Houston lunch-n-learn

AIAA Houston is excited to host Dan Adamo, AIAA Distinguished Speaker and former shuttle flight controller with trajectory expertise, for a virtual lunch-n-learn focused on shared lunar abort details between Astrobotic’s Peregrine-1 Lunar Lander abort and Apollo 13. Free virtual attendance available to the general spaceflight community – no AIAA membership required.

WHAT: “A Tale of Two Translunar Aborts” AIAA Houston lunch-n-learn
WHEN: 1130am-1pm Mon. Feb. 26
WHERE: Virtual; attend via Zoom (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83558603375)
DETAILS: “The recent Peregrine robotic lunar landing abort due to a leaking oxidizer tank was an off-Earth navigator’s nightmare. Overboard vent accelerations were literally all over the sky before attitude control was restored, and an uncontrolled lunar impact was impending before a more responsible disposal strategy was implemented. These dramatic events recall still higher stakes in play after Apollo 13’s onboard explosion aborted its lunar landing attempt in 1970. New insights regarding post-explosion vent accelerations threatening safe Apollo 13 return to Earth will be discussed.”