AIAA Houston 2015 Election Results

Thank you to everyone who voted in the 2015 AIAA Houston Section Election. This year we had 48 total votes including many for write-in candidates for the Chair-Elect and Councilor positions. The Councilor positions were filled out by the top 5 people receiving votes and those nominated via write-in for the Chair-Elect position were approached by the current Chair about taking on the responsibility.

The official results are below. Please welcome and congratulate those stepping up to lead the Houston Section for the 2015-2016 year!

The AIAA Houston Section Election Committee

Michael Frostad – Chair
Wayne Hale
David Dannemiller
Sarah Shull
Shirley Brandt

Official 2015 AIAA Houston Section Election Results:

Chair – Alan Sisson
Chair-Elect – Jennifer Wells
Treasurer – Fred Ouellette
Secretary – Lea Hougland
Vice-Chair Technical – Justine Wiles
Vice-Chair Operations – Ashley Nelson
Councilor #1 – Laura Sarmiento
Councilor #2 – Douglas Yazell
Councilor #3 – William “Bill” West
Councilor #4 – Zach Tejral
Councilor #5 – Ryan Miller

If you were not elected, your service is still needed for the appointed positions such as Membership Chair or Programs Coordinator! Please contact Alan Sisson at to volunteer and thank you.