AIAA Houston Technical Committees


As you know, the AIAA Houston Section has several Technical Committees. In order to facilitate greater involvement from the Membership with the Technical Committees, we felt it would be beneficial to provide a list of the many disciplines, the Chair of each Technical Committee, and their email. If interested in participating or fully joining any of these committees drop the Chairs a line. We’re always looking for Lunch and Learn topics as well so feel free to make a suggestion as well.

The structure and contact information can also be found on the Organization Chart

Astrodynamics                                                            –   Dr. Albert Jackson        –
Automation and Robotics                                             –   Dr. Zafar Taqvi               –
Extra-Vehicular Activity                                                –   Evelyn Miralles             –
Guidance, Navigation, and Control                                –   Dr. Steven E. Everett      –
History                                                                       –   Ted Kenny                     –
In-Space Imaging and Crew Observations                      –   Dr. Kamlesh Lulla           –
International Space Activities                                       –   Ludmila Dmitriev-Odier    –
Life Sciences, Space Processes, and Human Factors   –   Liz Warren, PhD             –
Program Management & Integration                              –   Dr. Satya Pilla               –
Propulsion and Power Systems                                    –   Sheikh Ahsan                –
Safety and Mission Assurance                                     –   Roger Kleinhammer        –
Space Commercialization                                            –   Kavya Manyapu              –
Space Operations                                                        –   BeBe Kelly-Serrato         –
Systems Engineering                                                  –   Gary Brown                    –