Results of 2013-14 AIAA Houston EC Elections

I am pleased to announce the results of our 2013-14 AIAA Houston EC Elections.   The new positions become effective on July 1, 2013.

Michael Frostad as Chair

Michael Martin as Chair-Elect

Clay Stangle as Vice-Chair Tech

Eryn Beisner as Vice-Chair Ops

Shen Ge as Secretary

Jennifer Wells as Treasurer

Irene Chan as Councilor (Two year Term, 2013-15)

Robert Plunkett as Councilor (Two year Term, 2013-15)


We also received several write-ins for the three open councilor positions; Mike Frostad will reach out to these folks individually and gauge their interest in serving as councilor for the 2013-2015 term.

Thanks to all of you who voted!

Sarah Shull
AIAA Houston Section 2013-2014 Elections Chair